Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boy or Girl?

We had our 20 week sonogram on Tuesday. I was shocked at how much time it took. I didn't realize how many measurements they needed. After 15 minutes of measuring, we were finally asked if we wanted to know what we were going to be having. Well, we knew it was a baby - but more importantly, is he a he or is she a she?

From the moment I knew I was pregnant (which was at least two weeks before my pregnancy test confirmed it), I was convinced it was a boy. But then everyone kept telling me it had to be a girl. So about a month ago I tried to convince myself we were having a little girl. Well, I guess your first instincts are always right. It's a BOY! I grew up with two younger sisters. I know little girls. Having a daughter seems like it would be so familiar. Somehow, I knew I was meant to be blessed with the challenges and rewards that raising a young man would give me. I really couldn't be happier. Not to say that in two or three years I wouldn't love to have a little girl, but for right now, I can't wait until the day that Ben and I get to meet our son.

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