Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture Update

I've been terrible with taking pictures of my ever-growing belly. My camera battery died, and I just didn't recharge it. Lazy.

So here, are some more recent pics of the growing tummy. I think this one is at 18 weeks. I'm still in regular pants at this point, but I'm pretty sure they are unbuttoned.

This is me sporting dress pants, definitely unbuttoned at this point and a nice Hanes t-shirt. I am thinking this was week 19 and the next day I couldn't fit in any of my dress pants. Oh, yeah, and this is pre-haircut. It had just gotten to be too long.
And here I am at 21 weeks. These are my 'fat' jeans and they are unbuttoned. I haven't purchased maternity jeans...yet. And I cut about 3.5 inches of hair off. Honestly, it took about 10 minutes off the drying time. Smart move, indeed. Plus, my mom hates it when my hair is long, and I just don't want to hear about how bad it looks when we see her.

You can also observe all of the beige in the apartment. I promise our real furniture is not this ugly. This was the basement furniture in our last house. I swear I have better taste than to put a tan slipcover on an oversized sofa.

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