Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Fingernails

So, Ben's been out of town for the last three nights. I just knew for sure I would sleep better without him hogging the bed. Well, as it turns out, with Ben gone, Greyson is the bed hog. I got my usual sixteen inches of bed space. Greyson got the rest. And she is just too much of a drama queen when you try to move her.

Last night. Weird dream. Lately, all of the dreams I remember are so weird. Well, Ben (and most of his family) have the strangest fingernails. They are flat. I can't explain it. Just flat. Not that I would care in the slightest if our boy had flat fingernails, but last night in my dream it really concerned me. So somehow, I got the doctor to take him out for a bit and make sure they were 'normal' nails. They were, and I was relieved. He put him back in and told me he would see me in two weeks. Like I said, strange dream.

I think it is really starting to boil down to I want to know what our son is going to look like. I'm pretty sure Ben's mom is convinced he is going to look just like Ben and weigh in a nearly 10 lbs and 24 inches long at birth. But I look nothing like Ben. I guess we both have pretty large eyes and we're taller - but that's where similarities end. Hair - blonde or brown, curly or straight, fine or coarse. Eyes - blue or green. Skin - nearly translucent or not. The list goes on and on. I still don't know if they are going to do a third trimester ultrasound at my doctor's office in the next month. I am kind of hoping they do, but it would be nice to be totally suprised when he arrives.

Also, one of Ben's co-workers and his wife will be welcoming their baby boy into the world today. They were due the day after us, but Ben said the baby is not gaining any weight, so they are going to deliver him at 32 weeks. Please keep the three of them in your prayers.


Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Got to love the pg dreams! How's the pregnancy going otherwise? We haven't seen y'all in forever!
Please keep me in the loop on how everything's going with baby Brown.

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