Monday, March 23, 2009

Ben as the Hamburgler

I have to share because this is one of my biggest peeves in the Shelley-Ben relationship. Ben loves to grill. Now, he is all over the prep and cooking of pulled pork or ribs. And that’s where it ends. After an instance of grilling burgers early in our relationship while he still lived in Jackson…one where he was a little generous with the Dale’s, he hasn’t seasoned a burger since. When I bit into my burger and said it was salty, I was accused of being the same – salty. It wasn’t until the first bite of his burger, he agreed. It was kind of an unspoken – Shelley, from now on you can handle this part. I also handle the marinating of any steaks. I take more of the ‘less is more’ kind of approach. A capful of Dale’s (maybe less, sometimes none) and salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll throw in a little butter at the end. I really just think the steak should be quality and stand on its own.

So last night, we grill burgers. I should start with a rundown of the day. We wake up and I say I want eggs for breakfast. Well, 15 minutes into the process, he says I need to go and shower because there’s no way I can be ready in less than an hour. Forgetting I had gotten ready in about 35 minutes the morning before. I blew it off, finished my breakfast, did some cleaning and then showered. We were not late for church. The rest of the day was me picking up around the house and Ben taking a lengthy nap. If you ask him, I’m the sleeper. Well, yesterday it was Ben that was napping.

So back to the burgers. (And I’m already in a mood). He gives me a lecture on burger preparation. Forgetting he hasn’t made a burger in probably five or six years. He tells me to make sure they are not to small for the bun. At this point, I’m laughing. I have made every single hamburger patty we’ve had for the last five years at home and now he’s giving me tips. I reminded him of this. Well, I made them and he cooked them. They were fine. I am, however, debating on giving him the opportunity to whip up some of those super-thick, super-saturated Dale’s burgers again…just as a not-so-pleasant reminder of his burger making abilities.

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