Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four Weeks Old

Today Nolan turned 4 weeks old. And what a day it's been. I think we've had about 28 dirty diapers to coincide with the number of days we've been here. (Wow, I just had to take a 30 min break from typing to hold the baby - sometimes these posts take FOREVER).
Nolan is wearing one of my day gowns. I was worried Ben would call it a dress. When he got home and saw the picture, he asked why the baby was wearing a dress. To think, this 'dress' is 30 years old.
4 Weeks from a different angle. Ben said he looks fat here. What?
Early in the morning, he usually has a pretty calm period for about 45 minutes. Long enough for me to make the bed, let the dog out to go to the bathroom and eat some breakfast. After that, everything's a bonus. Sometimes the bed doesn't get made and sometimes breakfast is a granola bar. Greyson always gets to potty. If not, she could relieve herself in the house.
Here is he trying to punch me for taking a picture of him without his shirt on. He is very modest.

During our calm morning period enjoying some time in the living room on the floor with Nolan and Greyson. G loves any attention she can get.
And this is the best part of all. A calm sleeping baby. Shame it never happens at 8 o'clock at night.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Despite what you are about to see....

Ben is very helpful with Nolan. Most of the time.

We have a deal that on the weekends, Ben is supposed to help at night with Nolan. I get up at least twice during the night on weeknights to feed and change him, and each time we are up for about an hour. You figure three hours between feedings and then up for an hour...well, that's about 4 hours of interrupted sleep a night. So, the deal was, he helps on the weekend. I'll get up and feed the baby, but he has to get him back to sleep. Well, this picture was taken on Friday night. He went to work and then golfed in a tournament and then we went to Mike and Kacy's for a little party. I believe he uttered the words, "I'm so tired," and then he was out like this. Hey, at least he is holding Greyson's paw. I think she would be upset if he wasn't.
(A side note, this comforter you will see over and over is not our 'real' comforter. We have to take the real one off so Greyson can get on the bed. And with me being home all day, there's really no point of putting the real one on; I don't have the energy to fuss with the dog when she jumps up there for a snooze).
And it's me and Nolan just before heading to the party. He finally got to wear some of the clothes that people have gotten him. (Thanks for the cute outfit Michelle). And mommy finally got to shower, put on mascara and real clothes, and leave the house.
And I've been holding off on the real bath. I am nervous about overwashing him and drying out his skin. Until now, we've just been doing the sponge bath. He hated every moment of it. Well, now that we got the all clear on real baths, here he is in his first submerged bathing experience. It was so much easier and he only got fussy for about 10 seconds. There were even a couple of smiles.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Weeks Old

Nolan is three weeks old. He now goes about 3 (sometimes 4) hours between feedings at night. And sometimes he goes right back to sleep after he is done. We had a doctor's appointment this morning and he is now 21 inches long and weighs 8 lbs, 2 oz. We are on track for a healthy growing boy. Dr. Harvey also mentioned that the gas peaks at three weeks. Knowing this made me very happy. Nolan is super gassy and it makes him miserable. In turn, I'm not happy. He cries and cries and there seems to be nothing we can do for him - and then he lets a big one rip. And suddenly he's not so peeved anymore. In the meantime, I have cut out dairy to see if that helps. In a couple of weeks, I'll start reincorporating and see if we can get this hammered out with a happy baby and mom. Did I mention I LOVE milk?
Bathed, changed, feed and ready for our closeup. He looks so peaceful.
And then I get him into his room and into the bed and he starts fussing. I expect no less.
Before today's doctor's appointment. He looks like a blob here. He was all cozied up in his little gown. And when he's not screaming, I like to take pictures.
This is take number 2. Ben recommended I put away my 'crazy eyes.' The only crazy eyes I've seen belong to Ramona on the Real Housewives of New York. I must have been sporting my tired eyes. He was all naked under his blanket and was calming down from a fit. Ben also suggested the background reminded him of a beach vacation. Seriously Ben, where? It just looks like a semi-pro mural to me. Don't taunt me with mentioning the beach. Well, I've got a sleeping baby and the Real Housewives of New Jersey on DVR so I'm wrapping it up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fussy Boy

Nolan has been quite the fussbucket for the past week or so. He is mainly okay when I'm holding him, and I am more than happy to accomodate that request. But add on the bouncing or swaying, and well, that's it for these arms. A daily ritual of at least three consecutive hours of bouncing is going to have these arms in shape in no time. If only he were content in the swing or bouncy seat or glider or sling. We're working on the enjoying it. I know there will be a day when he does not want me to hold him. I guess that's when the arms will get flabby.

But we did have some pretty decent moments yesterday.
We take turns holding him. I think he likes Ben holding him more than me. Probably because he gets to look at this face all day five days a week.
And here he is doing his best impression of Ben. Zoning out on the bed watching television. What's on? Probably some lame logging show.
And in mere seconds we switch it on to screaming. I probably changed the channel to Bravo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two week old pictures

On Tuesday, Nolan turned two weeks old. The screaming hasn't stopped, but it has let up a little. We are sleeping for about 3 hour stretches at night now, and sometimes he even goes back to sleep right after he eats. We also have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I hope they tell me how long he is. He was 20" when he was born, but I swear it looks like he has grown a foot in the last couple of weeks.

He was being so sweet on Friday - just sleeping and sleeping. The sleeping did turn around and kick me in the rear. He was up from about 8 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. screaming his handsome little head off.
Here's to hoping week three involves a little more predictable rest for the both of us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nolan is here

So, I haven't had a post in a really long time. I started feeling horrible the week before he was due and just knew that he would be here any day. Well, one week later and a trip to the doctor's office, they decided to induce me. So I went into the hospital around 4 p.m. on Monday the 27th of April (his due date). My labor went a little faster than expected and he arrived at 5:20 a.m. the next morning. Having him here was such a relief. He was much more beautiful than I could have expected, and he had a head full of hair. I don't know why I thought my child was going to be bald. We've been chilling at the house since. We've left for a couple of doctor's appointments and a trip to Lowe's. I know, we live an exciting life.
And, no, my child is not named after Nolan Ryan. That's cute and all, but I'm not much of a sports fan. His first name is my mom's dad's last name. (Not my mom's maiden name....long story). Plus, if Ben and I were to name him after a sports figure, he would have been LeBron James Scarbrough. We think that would have just set him up for basketball greatness.

So here they are....pictures.
In case anyone wonders what I look like after 12 hours of labor, here it is. I think I would look worse if I weren't so excited that our baby was finally here.
Here is Nolan around the one week mark. He had jaundice so he looks pretty tan. Speaking of, my body hasn't seen the sun in months. It's pretty gross.
Yeppers, we're one week old here. This shot is pretty much what he did this entire day and the following day. Good times.
This is at 13 days old. I like him when he is sleeping. I don't hold him much when he is out like this, but he was being so darling on this day, I just couldn't put him down.
And look, here we are awake and not screaming. This is when we are both at our best.