Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four Weeks Old

Today Nolan turned 4 weeks old. And what a day it's been. I think we've had about 28 dirty diapers to coincide with the number of days we've been here. (Wow, I just had to take a 30 min break from typing to hold the baby - sometimes these posts take FOREVER).
Nolan is wearing one of my day gowns. I was worried Ben would call it a dress. When he got home and saw the picture, he asked why the baby was wearing a dress. To think, this 'dress' is 30 years old.
4 Weeks from a different angle. Ben said he looks fat here. What?
Early in the morning, he usually has a pretty calm period for about 45 minutes. Long enough for me to make the bed, let the dog out to go to the bathroom and eat some breakfast. After that, everything's a bonus. Sometimes the bed doesn't get made and sometimes breakfast is a granola bar. Greyson always gets to potty. If not, she could relieve herself in the house.
Here is he trying to punch me for taking a picture of him without his shirt on. He is very modest.

During our calm morning period enjoying some time in the living room on the floor with Nolan and Greyson. G loves any attention she can get.
And this is the best part of all. A calm sleeping baby. Shame it never happens at 8 o'clock at night.

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