Friday, June 19, 2009

Six (and Seven) Weeks. And a Happy Friday.

So I missed an update. Oops. Things have been busy. Ben's been going out of town and it's been me and baby. And my family came to visit and left today. Now I'm doing laundry. Blarg.

At six weeks Nolan had eczema. I took him to the doctor. We've gotten it under control with Aveno Baby lotion in the morning, a ten minute soak in the pm followed by a slathering of Eucerin creme. He's greasy, but he seems to feel better. And he looks all dewy. He weighed in at 10 lbs, 12 oz on our visit to the doctor. That comes out to about a pound a week gain for the last three weeks. Did I mention he eats a lot?
Here's our seven week picture. More alert and chunkier.
I made some funny noises and he smiled. And you just have to capture that on 'film.'
He also likes to be all prepped out. That dang collar kept trying to 'pop' itself. He might look small because his dad's huge hand has made an appearance. I assure you, he is not a small baby anymore.
First day to sport the shoes. And in case you are wondering what he's smiling's the ceiling fan.
I have to do a little modified tummy time. I try straight up tummy time until he's practically in a total fit. Then we calm down and try this version later. I figure it's better than nothing. He's good at holding his head up. I'm more concerned about shoulder strength. What if he's challenged to do a pushup? It's not going to happen unless Mommy keeps forcing this tummy time thing.

The rule is as follows: If you get dressed for the day, you have to take a picture with the baby.

Happy Friday! Happy Baby!
We're out!

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Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Love the belly shot at the end. He's getting so big!