Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Weeks Old

Look at me..posting the 9 week and 10 week posts in the same day. Better late than never. 10-weeks old wearing our personalized onesie. I've been asked where I got it from. Well, I didn't get it. Kacy was being her usual thoughtful self and got it for him. If you are interested in getting one, you can find out more info here.

After our little photoshoot, he was all tuckered out.
We had a little milestone this week. The bumbo. So, he's only 10 weeks old, you say. He has pretty good head control when he's alert. We can only go for about 5 minutes, but it's a start. Maybe one day in the near future, we'll sit here while mom gets ready. Instead of requiring me holding him while I dry my hair.
Bumbo also got him all tuckered out. I was holding him while I was talking to my dad. He fell asleep, so I set him down. He's never stayed asleep on his tummy. Another first. And Greyson must be near him. It's kind of attention by proxy. She figures if she's close by she may get some loving.

On Friday night was the Sara Lee Fun Fest. It was no cooler than 100 degrees out there. We were a little worried about the heat and how it would affect him. This is before the trip to Bella Vista (wet diaper and all).

And here we are after the 'fun' fest. My hair was straight when we left the house. Not so much anymore. We only had to put him in the A/C car twice. He handled it okay, and it was fun, but I hope to never have to do that again.
And today, better with tummy time. Clearly, this is not a peeved at the world face. It's almost pleasant. Almost.

One word: Gourd.
We are so lucky that Daddy comes home to see us almost every day at lunch. Thank goodness everything in Bentonville is a five-minute drive from the next place.

And this picture just had to be included. This is one of those things that he will kill me for when he's older. This picture is mid-poot. Focused.

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