Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooks and Frights!

It's my first Halloween. Mom wanted to buy me a fun costume, but they are so expensive. And I wasn't going to leave the house this year (she tells me I'm too young and I've been sick). We decided next year is the year we drop major bank on festive attire. This year...a festive sleep n' play. I got my bath before the trick or treaters starting arriving and got all gussied up in my skeleton sleeper.

I helped mom hand out candy. We had a lot of trick or treaters at our house. Bags and bags and bags (and more bags) of candy were handed out. Some girls even asked if they could take me home. I guess I am as sweet as candy.

Mom and dad eat this stuff all of the time. Wouldn't it be awesome if they let me have this whole bowl of candy?
Well, it's past my bedtime. I should probably get to bed in my super scary sleeper.
Happy Halloween!

6 Months Old

Busy Week! This week we celebrated Sparkie's birthday on the 27th, Nolan's 6-month birthday on the 28th and our 4th wedding anniversary on the 29th. The 29th also marked Nolan's 6-month 'well' baby check-up. He had (still has - and gave it to me, Ben and grandmother Sparkie) a cold, so well isn't really the best description. A little bit of what he's been up to in the past month or so....

  • A lot of talking. I've never heard a baby talk so much. Probably because I've never been around one this much. 24/7.
  • Disrupted sleep schedule. He still gets up twice during the night to nurse. His doctor says its not necessary to feed him, but he cries if I don't and let's be honest, no one wants to calm a crying baby at 2 in the morning. It's just easier to feed him and go back to sleep.
  • Being average in size. He's 17 lbs, 7 oz and 26.5 inches long. I think he might be longer - the nurse was kind of willy-nilly getting the length. I think he's over 27 inches long - at least he is when I measure him. Either way, he's at the 50% mark or above on length and right in the middle on weight too.
  • Trying new foods. So far we've had rice cereal (he still hates it), oatmeal (hates it), green beans (if there was a stronger word than hate, I would use it here), avocado (acting like he was choking the entire time I was feeding it to him) and butternut squash (LOVES it). I also have some parsnips to cook up and some sweet potatoes and a half a bag of frozen sweet peas leftover from making paella in the freezer. After I get through about 5 veggies, I'll add some fruits. I have a feeling those will be a success.
  • Stinky diapers. When you start solids, things start to smell.....foul.
  • Teething. This has been an ongoing process for a while. I can see two bottom teeth that are close to breaking the skin and the top two are clearly not far behind. Maybe this will be one good thing and he'll cut all four at once (maybe at night while he's sleeping and never know what hit him). A girl can dream, can't she?
  • Sitting. He's been doing this well since the 5-month mark. Still not trying to be mobile. Another thing on my wish list. That he'll be totally stationary until he's around the one-year mark and then decide to skip crawling and just walk. What a glorious thing it would be if that actually happened.
  • The cackle. It's more like a fake laugh. He scrunches up his nose and makes a cackle. Not sure where it came from, but we laugh when he does it so it continues.

As you can see, the monthly photoshoots with paper have become a little more difficult.

And if not distracted by the paper, he'll find something else to play with. He can't just smile for the camera. (These bumper pads do not stay in his bed. Just ask Ben how he feels about it).

I leave you with two of my loves. Hanging out. Love them much.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I Do

Most of my time is spent tending to the little guy. Feeding, changing, entertaining in general, but I do other things. The list of other things has dwindled in the last six months, but here are a handful of things I have accomplished in the last week. What can I say, it's been a good week.

I did this arrangement for Ben's mom's birthday (she turned 35). This arrangement is from Emily. Sparkie loves fall colors, so I thought this would be a hit. It was. I did another one from Nolan and delivered it to her office. I didn't take a picture of it. It was white roses with bright pink phlox, some lavender and had a big turquoise and brown ribbon.
Last night I also made dinner. This one is an easy one. Easy is a good thing around this house.
Cook 1/2 package of angel hair pasta (or 8 oz. if you like to get fancy) for about 5 minutes. Drain, BUT reserve about 3/4 cup of the cooking water for later. In the same pot cook 1/2 lb. of shrimp (I use the frozen kind - they are cheaper) in 1 Tbsp of olive oil turning after 1 min and continue cooking until opaque; add 1 tsp of minced garlic, and a handful of cherry tomatoes chopped in half. Stir in reserved cooking water with 1/2 cup of pesto (I use the kind that is already made). Mix and then toss in the cooked pasta and some baby spinach. Toss until mixed and garnish the parm and a lemon wedge. I served with garlic bread. It was good. This usually makes enough for me and Ben and leftovers for one of us the next day.

I also made the little man some butternut squash yesterday. He loved it. The picture is fuzzy, but you should be able to gauge how much is all over his face.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meeting the Three New Cousins

Ben, Nolan, Sparkie and I headed down to Starkville last Thursday to catch a little college football action. On the way down, we made a pit stop in Collierville to see my middle sisters girls for the first time. They are adorable, and there are three of them. Nolan really liked them and loved visiting.

Nolan talking to Madi, Macie and Marlee with Corlee supervising.

Sitting in their Bumbos and Nolan sitting beside them.

It looks like Nolan is listening to a good story.

Jax was more interested in playing with his lions and tigers.
And Corlee was more interested in her Cheetos.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We ♥ Greyson

Ben and Nolan spent some time this afternoon playing with Greyson in the backyard. I had to get the camera out after I heard super loud laughter. Yep, Nolan was laughing loud enough for me to hear him in the kitchen.
Good times.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday Ya'll!

Boy, file this week under the L-O-N-G-E-S-T W-E-E-K E-V-E-R. Ben went to Hilton Head this Monday through Wednesday for a little sales meeting with work (aka - golf vacation with some meetings). I never enjoy when he is gone. As mentioned, we went to the doctor this week for some ear tugging and it's just teeth. Did I say 'just teeth.' There's no 'just' about it. It's brutal. If you know, you know.

NiNi asked to see pictures of Nolan's chair in his room. We've had it for about a month. Better late than never. I love having a chair in his room. I don't see how I did things without having it in there. I mean, I can just sit Nolan down on it and go about my daily business for hours on end. Kidding. We read our nighttime stories there (usually, 'The Animals Go In Two by Two.'). It's a good place to wind down before bedtime.

The chair is also good for photoshoots and gazing out the window or at the dog. Not sure which he was looking at. Greyson is over by the window. It could be either....probably G.
I'm pretty sure he's looking out of the window for this one.
Nolan loves the chair too. Some of his other new loves: fall weather, not eating his cereal, PLAID, his feet, sitting and playing with his toys, not napping, 'being chatty', and THIS FACE.

It started yesterday. I have taken no less than one dozen pictures of him making it. It's funny. I'm sure it's teething related. It's just so stinking cute.

This is my favorite. And he's my favorite too! Hope everyone has a stellar weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Nolan and I went to the pediatrician's office yesterday. He's been pulling at his ears since late Friday night. I suspected teething was the culprit, but ear infections can be nasty so I wanted to make sure he was fine.

I was a nervous wreck taking him in during cold and flu season. A trip to the dr's office could get him sick. We didn't touch a thing, and I washed my hands as soon as we got in the waiting room and as soon as I got home. Germs. Yuck.
No teeth have fully surfaced yet. But they are there. And there's lots and lots of drool (and tears). Teething is no fun. So other than the teething misery, our 'little' 17-lb nugget is doing stellar.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just Sittin' Around...

being cute. Yep, that's me. My mom tells me that I'm the cutest little boy in the whole wide world. I guess that makes up for the fact that maybe I'm not the best-behaved little boy (I think I'm pretty close to the top on that one too).

And I'm shocked that it is supposed to rain again tomorrow. Mom always told me the fall is dry here. I guess I'll just sit around and work on my cuteness.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can You Really Consider This REAL Food?

Hey everyone! Today was a big day. We hit up the Farmer's Market early this morning. Not as early as we originally anticipated - some nameless daddy decided to sleep in. We got some honey. Someone told us local honey could help with Ben's allergies. He NEVER gets sick so when he does, it's pretty bad. At this point, we'll try anything. Nolan took two two-hour naps today (and I took one too). We got all gussied up and headed over to Mike and Kacy's (and Wells was there too) for some yummy barbeque. There are few things better than SEC football and a good smoked pork shoulder.

We had to hurry home before any of the good conference games were over. We had big plans for tonight. Someone was totally ready to start solids. He's been scoping out us eating since he was about 3 months old. We bought everything last week, but I just wasn't ready. It's a big step. Up until about 2 hours ago, all he had ever eaten was breastmilk. I'll be honest, I was a little sad to see him take this step. I guess the saying should be something like, '5-month old baby cannot survive on breastmilk alone.' He probably could, maybe for another month or two, but it was time. So I got home and changed my shirt, nursed him and then mixed up some super runny rice cereal. I think in Nolan's head he was probably thinking something like...
"Wow, a bowl and a spoon. Look she's holding that close to me. Does this mean what I think it means? You're going to let me put that in my mouth. Finally."

"Don't mind if I do. Could you get it in there a little faster please."

"Very nice. More please."

"Actually, no. No more please. This stuff is gross."

"Seriously Mom. Get that spoon away from my mouth. It's nasty."

We didn't finish the whole tablespoon. He started to act disinterested about halfway through. He did really well with the eating part though. He didn't try to push any back out...until he realized it didn't taste so good. Tomorrow we'll go a little thicker and before you know it we'll be well on our way to eating a pulled pork sandwich with a lot of runny barbeque sauce.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bath Time in the 'Big' Tub

After quick perusal of tonight's pictures, I found a bathtime shot that is totally appropriate for the blog. It's a happy time for our little guy, but you have to be careful of how much exposure there is. For you all you know, I bathe him in a tiny little swimsuit. In this picture he's checking out his other washcloth floating away.

We've had to move him to the bathtub outside of his room. In his baby tub, he would soak me and I would end up with more water on the floor than I knew what to do with - I mean, I'm not going to be forced to mop the floor out of my own free will. Right now, this is totally a two-man job. He can sit, but not very well, so there's a lot of holding and rotating and him trying to squirm out of my grip. And I've also learned that we always bathe with two washcloths. He has to have one to play with. This was a lesson a couple of weeks in the making. We would get into bathtime and then I would have to have Ben get me another washcloth because he would not release the original one from his death grip.