Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Nolan and I went to the pediatrician's office yesterday. He's been pulling at his ears since late Friday night. I suspected teething was the culprit, but ear infections can be nasty so I wanted to make sure he was fine.

I was a nervous wreck taking him in during cold and flu season. A trip to the dr's office could get him sick. We didn't touch a thing, and I washed my hands as soon as we got in the waiting room and as soon as I got home. Germs. Yuck.
No teeth have fully surfaced yet. But they are there. And there's lots and lots of drool (and tears). Teething is no fun. So other than the teething misery, our 'little' 17-lb nugget is doing stellar.

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lsadler said...

Thanks for the comment!! Love your blog! Nolan is adorable of course. Looks like you have your hands full.