Tuesday, February 23, 2010

40/29 News...You're Wrong

Arkansas is not in first place in the SEC West. As I've heard at least 10 times on the news commercials today.

The Bulldogs are (at least for now). THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Their conference records are the same, but Miss State's overall record is better.

And if I hear one more time about how Arkansas will be getting into the NCAA tournament, I might just keel over. I mean, honestly, with an overall record of 14-13? Not happening.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deals, Dinner and Celebrity Dish

Hi, my name is Shelley and I love to shop. I would not call myself an addict; I can stop whenever I want (or, when say, I don't have any money). Really, more than anything I just love (LURVE) a good deal. That being said you have to do a lot of browsing to know a good deal when you think you see one. Good thing I'm a stay-at-home mom with a little time on my hands (and a baby who hates napping and loves getting out of the house).
Yesterday, I hit the motherload. Just a quick trip over to TJMaxx to try and find some sunglasses. I've been devastated since Greyson ate (YES, ate) my SpyOptic Smoke Gray sunglasses that I got for FREE. I figured TJ's would have something cheap. Well, I found two pair that I liked: a purple Esprit pair for $2 and a black BCBG pair for $5. Then I headed over to handbags and found a cute little ColeHaan satin clutch for $7. The brand sticker had it at $255 (WHAT???). Why stop there? Back to the baby section to see if I could find anything for little man. Nope, but I did find a pair of jeans for my niece who just turned 5. They're pink and they were $3...which will make a nice addition to the two little dresses I got her for her birthday. At that point, I just had to look over the ladies stuff and I found a Joie cashmere blend sweater cardi vest for $15 - you could buy it at Bluefly right now for $118.99 (original price $245), along with a Joie sapphire blue (one of my fav colors) racerback shirt for $10 (original price $108). Over in the jeans section I found a pair of JBrand jeans for $10. I was a little unsure because they were a 27 and well, I'm still holding on to some baby inches, but at that price I figured I could return them if they didn't work out. Well, they did work out!!!
Also, last Friday, Ben took off to hang with me and Nolan after his sales meeting in San Diego. We had a good time as a family.
We had lunch at Las Fajitas. I've been boycotting since about a year ago after I found a hair in my rice. After sampling other mexican places around town, I decided we could give it a go again. I mean, what restaurant doesn't sometimes give you a suprise in your food. I'm looking at you Taste of Thai. I will never eat there again after I found a roach in my thai barbeque chicken. Hey, there are some things you just can't get past. We've also learned that if you give Nolan food at the table, he will play with it and put it in his mouth and pretty much be quiet for the better part of a meal. File that in 'Bad Things Parents Do.' He licked the tortilla. A little unsure about it.
He's also continued on the warpath unraveling everything he can in the house. I tried to explain this to Ben, but he left the dog's dinnerware on the floor anyway. And as you guessed, Nolan decided that is EXACTLY what he needed to play in.
He's quite pleased with himself.

I've been trying for about 9 months to read Atlas Shrugged. It's hard to read anything really deep while taking care of a baby. Nolan decided to give it a go.

And then, like mom, decided USWeekly was a little more his speed.

And look at the shag!!! We're going to have to get a haircut SOON.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He Wears Many Hats

In his great-grandfather's Mississippi State stocking cap. This was taken just before bedtime. He was tired, thus the solemn look.

I like to call this look 'Cousin Eddie.' He's embarrassed.

You probably thought this post was going to be something more insightful and not actually about hats. Insightfulness is lost on a mom who has for the past 24 hours spent every minute alone with her baby. I'm so glad Ben will be home in the next couple of hours. It's been a LONG four days.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Y Chromosome

It's a destructive thing.

First task of the morning. Pull up on the little table with a marble top and break it. Not just the base or the top...but both. (I'm lucky the thing didn't fall on him). It will get fixed and then be put away until someone is not cruising around on the furniture.
Next task of destruction...the $300 breast pump.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Scootin' Around

I'm still not crawling, but that doesn't mean I can't get around. I scoot across the floor at a record pace. Getting into cabinets and drawers. Today I found two new things in the kitchen that I might like to get into.

First - the wine fridge. Look how low they put these handles. Just asking for a baby to open it up if you ask me. Mom promptly got the key out and locked it.

Next - the dishwasher. It's the perfect height for pulling up on. Even though I'm not crawling, I'm trying to pull up on EVERYTHING - mom, chairs, the couch, even Greyson.
I'm ready for independent mobility!