Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am as busy as a bee.

Heavens to Betsy. Nolan has been keeping me on my toes. Every single day is busier than the day before. I guess that's what happens when your baby starts to gain ground on becoming an semi-independent toddler.

There are far too many toys to play with to worry with putting clothes on for the day. I'm just lucky I was able to get the diaper on him. For about 20 minutes he scooted around the house in just socks.
We bought him this push lion on Easter Sunday. I figured it would help work out of some that energy. And maybe it would help him start to learn how to walk. He's been pulling up and cruising on the furniture for about two months now. What could this little guy hurt? There's NO WAY he would be walking before his first birthday.
Another attempt to wear Nolan and Greyson down. A long walk on a pretty trail. Well, it sure wore me out.
And put this little dude straight to sleep.
But when we got home, more exploring. Yeah, you saw the lion walker early. This was one week later and we've now progressed to holding mom's (or dad's) hands while we walk....everywhere.
And tonight, he decided it was time to do some serious solo walking. He had been taking a step or two (or three or four). But tonight, we walked to Ben across the kitchen. And then walked across his bedroom. I guess this means he is officially a walker. He seems to do a better job if he is distracted holding something in his hands (yeah, you see the splatter guard which is almost as tall as he is).
I would like to state for the record, our pediatrican told us once he started moving around more, he would need more sleep. It didn't happen with the scooting (he never really crawled). I don't expect it to happen with the walking. Like I said....busy as a bee.

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