Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Go West Young Man

This past weekend we traveled to Denver to see Emily. She has moved with work (again). She lives right in the heart of downtown next to Coors Field and has the cutest little apartment. We got up early and drove to Tulsa to catch a direct Southwest flight. Since we woke up so early and I was able to keep N awake during the drive and while we waited to board, once we took off he was straight to snoozeville. And didn't wake up until about 10 minutes before we landed (of course, it was only an hour and a half long flight).

When we got to baggage claim, he had some energy to burn. If you've never traveled with a baby, my only recommendation is check your luggage (prior to this trip the last time I checked luggage was 2006 - when they totally banned liquids on the plane for that short while). It was all Ben and I could do to get ourselves, a stroller, Nolan and the diaper bag through security. It would have been an disaster with carry on luggage.

When we got to Emily's she had a ball waiting for him. The next morning he ran around and played and played and played with the ball.

Once we got ready we went and had breakfast at Snooze (yummy, btw) and then headed to the Denver Zoo. This was Nolan's first trip to the zoo. And being a candidate for mom of the year, what did I do.....temporarily lost my camera. Fortunately, Emily had hers. Lifesaver!!! Nolan was asleep for the first 20 minutes of our zoo experience, but then he woke up.

Just in time for the giraffes. They were by far his favorite 'dog' that we saw. To a 12-month old with a dog, everything with four legs is a dog. And then there are birds. Those are the only two animals we know.

He tired of being in the stoller, so after the great apes exhibit, decided to push the stroller around and attempt to take out some zoo patrons in the process.

So Emily held him. He just loves Emily.
Then we headed to get some lunch and went to the park to eat it. Nolan LOVES pickles. They are really the only solid food he will eat. He did swallow a couple of pieces of turkey on the same day. Progress!

While I finished up my lunch, he and Emily played.

That afternoon we headed up to Lookout Mountain. Getting there was not fun. Nolan was grouchy, but upon arrival, he found lots of fun things to touch.

The stuffed animal pit creeped me out a little bit (germs), but he wasn't screaming so we played for a bit with these. We were going to hit up Red Rocks, but he got pretty mad with the 2k elevation change and started screaming, so we just headed back downtown.

And had some dinner. It's always feeding the little monkey without a highchair. (Oh, and Emily bought him a balloon - he loves balloons).

After the adults had dinner we were going to walk to the downtown jazz fest. Turns out what we thought was the jazz festival was actual the Jose Cuervo games. Probably not where you want to hang with a toddler so we headed back to Emily's by way of Coors Field.
And on Sunday we got up and played around the river for a bit and then drove to the airport to head home.
The flight back wasn't as smooth. To start, Denver is a slightly bigger airport than Tulsa so security took longer. Once we boarded, Nolan wasn't the slightest bit tired, so the next 45 minutes were spent removing all of the seatback materials and throwing them (I felt a little sorry for the lady next to Ben getting the menu thrown in her lap every 10 minutes). He finally fell asleep near the end of the flight and slept until we picked up our luggage.

We made it home in time for him to start hardcore teething again. No one is sleeping and there is a lot of poutsies. Currently, we are 4 teeth in. I guess that leaves about 16 more baby teeth to go. Good times.

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