Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 Months

Today our sweet little Nolan is 15 months old. And what an amazing 15 months it has been. I think back to the days where he was just a little nugget on the ultrasound...and now he is destroying our house on a daily basis. And as exhausted as I am, I am loving every single second of it. I went to college and majored in engineering (obviously if I were focusing on the Mrs. degree I would have picked something a little easier). Never in a billion years did I think I would be a full time mommy. I've never been as passionate about anything in my life as I am about this little boy. And shocking (maybe not), I'm really good at it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still my neurotic self - obsessed with a clean house, not much patience for stupidity, etc., but with Nolan I'm a much more mellow version of me.

So, recently our little guy has started gnawing on the side of his crib. Now, if this were a real piece of furniture, I would be freaking out. Fortunately, this is a piece that is out for a baby (maybe a couple) and then gets put away. I could care less that he is trying to eat his way out.

Barefoot at the doctor's office. Germaphobe Shelley gets over germs real fast when Nolan is around. If he's not jumping into a cesspool at the wastewater treatment plant, I'll probably get over it.

After today's visit (that's a big smile for a little boy that just got stuck three times). Nolan is 24 lbs 6 oz (50th percentile), 32 1/2 inches tall (90th percentile) and his head is 19 1/4 inches in circumference (90th percentile). Some of the things he is up to these days.
  • He loves water. Drinking it, bathing, going to the pool, finding puddles, playing in Greyson's bowl, standing in the rain. If it involves the potential for getting wet, he loves it.
  • He is eating a lot more: oatmeal, waffles, Cheerios, goldfish crackers, chicken, turkey, string cheese, yogurt, homemade mini-meatballs, salsa, pasta, and much more. Some things he still won't swallow: avocado, quinoa, mashed potatoes, asparagus, banana, whole milk...and sometimes ice cream.
  • Sleep is still hit and miss. We're doing better with two naps a day. The morning one is the longer of the two - he's usually down for just over an hour. The afternoon nap is too short (like 30 minutes) if he takes it at all. And at nighttime, he's still getting up most nights around 1 a.m. After a little check-in from mom, he usually goes right back to sleep for another 5 hours.
  • Some words he says: Ball, Mom (not in reference to me but referring to a balloon), Mama, Dada, Dog, Bird, Bat, Hello, Bye-Bye, Down, Toes, Nose, No and Good Girl (in reference to the dog). I swear sometimes I think he has just said 'Thank You' and today he may have said 'Yellow'. He seems to do much better when repeating words that start with a B.
  • He wears a size 4 diaper and 12-18 month clothes, although I'm still putting him in some 9-12 month stuff and he has a couple of rompers that are 24 months that he has worn. He has a little foot - a size 5....barely.
  • This week it was suggested that he move up to the Level 4 Gymboree Class for 16-22 months. He is just way too active for his Level 3 class. They work on two-way communication in Level 3 and he's pretty bored with it. Level 4 is problem solving. I have mixed emotions about it. He's already pushed a kitchen chair up to the kitchen sink and tried to climb up on top....I'm sure in an attempt to turn the water on. I don't need him to figure out how to get in my car and back it out of the garage.
  • He has started giving big hugs and kisses on the mouth.
  • He started biting, pinching and hitting. How on earth do I stop this?


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