Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yeah, not the holiday. As in the Lloyd Christmas haircut. Nolan has a haircut scheduled for tomorrow, but Ben just could wait and hacked off some of the bangs - giving him the finest Caesar haircut you've ever seen. Mr. Impatient.
Today we went outside to enjoy a little cookie action from the always delicious Carbajal Bakery. Double-fisting.

Greyson is always trying to steal Nolan's snacks.

A perfectly good chocolate chip was sacrificed to the hair (I'm sure he's upset about the trim too). Quite the mess was made eating Nolan's share of the cookie.

I got a little bowl of water for him to splash his hands in, but he poured it all over himself. So I just got out the baby pool to get him nice and clean.


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Jenna said...

I think we may have discussed this before but I have full blown mommy and pregnancy brain going on! Are we neighbors? I think we must be! Also, do you see Dr. Harvey? That looks like his new office? We LOVE him!