Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He Doesn't Do Floors

Well, unless if by 'do', I am meaning throwing stuff all over them. In that case, he totally does floors. It is H.O.T. here in Arkansas. I'm sure it's hot where you are too. I waffle back on hating the heat and hating the cold. I guess I could move to Hawaii, but then I would hate not having seasons. But right in this moment, I would like nothing more than to slap the mess out of this heat and tell it to get on outta here.

But Nolan, he wants to play outside. I guess it's fun. So we go outside into morning temps probably only rivaled by those in the fiery pits of hell. Well, then there's the humidity. Win - Win. Something like that.

After 20 minutes, I was hot and hungry. So I let Nolan play on the patio under my watchful eye while I fixed my cereal. He was content to play with the old broom and swiffer while I ate. These are his favorite outside toys. He would only rather be in the pool or trying to poke the dog's eyes out. I've got to figure out a way to teach them that these tools can be used for cleaning the floors he so quickly destroys on a daily basis.

Then he gave me kisses through the door. The door that I'm sure the dog has licked. (I should probably clean that door off). That might be one of the funniest pictures we've taken in a while.

And then there's lunch. I have the hardest time with lunch. I am open to any lunch time suggestions. Usually it's just some torn up chicken or lunch meat, cheese and crackers. Today I made him a grilled cheese, but he wanted no part of it. So I made him a chicken and cheese quesadilla. It was love at first bite. Between that and the tomatoes from the salsa, I think this is the closest to a complete meal I've gotten in a long time.

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Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Oh Nolan, I love the picture of your nose against the window! I know how your mom feels about the outside. We go because it burns up lots of energy but I don't like it. I wish sweating burned as many calories as running - I'd be Heidi Klum. Wells eats the Morningstar Farms Veggie Nuggets. There's processing and lots of ingredients I don't understand, but there's also tofu & veggies in them. And he gets to have dip. It's a win win.