Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today - AKA - The Scariest Day of My Life

I'll keep this brief. I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around what has happened in the last 5 hours. I've just got to get this down somewhere and try to get it out of my system - the blog seems like the best place.

Today we had a great day. Nolan was up crying for about an hour last night - I suspected it was teething. It looks like he's getting some molars in. NO FUN! Fast forward to this afternoon. Little guy took a two hour nap - atypical, but a little welcomed. He was running around a 101 fever when he woke up so I gave him some Tylenol (I figured I would save the ibuprofin dosage for this evening). Ben's mom came to watch him for a bit. Not two minutes later she is screaming running to my front door (fortunately, she literally lives right down the street). Nolan is having a seizure.

We flew to the hospital in my car (food all over the counter, the dog freaking out as to why I'm leaving the house in a tizzy, no cell phone). The doctors at NMCB were so helpful and within seconds he was on the table and they were working on him. I think I was able to remain somewhat calm (we're talking a shred of calm here) because I suspected it was from a rapid spike in his temp. We have some friends that this has happened to before - and I was praying was Nolan was ONLY having a reaction to his fever.

In a matter of minutes his fever had spiked to 103. I wonder what it would have been had I not given him the Tylenol when he woke up. The doctors ran a series of labs, cultures, x-rays, etc. and could not find any sign of infection. He is on a 7-day round of antibiotics. Even though he is fine right now, this ordeal has turned me in to a nervous wreck. I love my son so much and could not stand anything happening to him. (Plus, I'm pretty sure it terrified my mother-in-law to death).

Here's the little trooper after his meds with a nice little iv in the arm. (You can probably guess how much he loved that).

This means we're cancelling our trip to see my family in Greenville this weekend. I don't want to travel with him on antibiotics. This is the first time he has taken them and I'm not sure how he is going to react. And if you could, please just say a little prayer for him (me too).


Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

I can't imagine how scary that was for y'all! I'm glad Nolan is feeling better & hope the antibiotics do the trick.

nikki said...

oh bless his little heart! (and yours!) We will be praying for him!!!!!

Connie said...

Oh my! I bet that was very scary! I have heard that a spike in temp like that can make people have seizures, so hopefully that's all it was! I'm glad he is better now! Great job on staying as calm as you could...you are a great mom!

Jenna said...

I am so sorry, that had to have been SO scary! Praying that the antibiotics will help him!