Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well, Hello August

Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter outside, good ol' mother nature went and proved you wrong. It's still hot here. I know it will cool off - in anticipation, I ordered some sweaters from Anthro this past week. I'm so looking forward to cooler evenings and football season.

Ben has been so busy this past weekend with golf tournaments and judging some MBA thing at the university. It's like we didn't even have a weekend. Yesterday afternoon when he got home we decided to go get N some new toys. One of his milestones is that he should be able to stack blocks. Can he? I don't know. We don't have blocks. So we headed to find some. Where did we find them...Dilly Dally's. Nolan was overwhelmed to say the least. There were lots of new toys and he was in no way afraid to mix it up and play with non-boy gender toys.

He walked around with these push toys for 45 minutes. I knew a breakdown was going to happen when we left...and it did.

Ben thought he might buy it, but when he looked at the price tag, he changed his mind. Nolan held on for a brief moment longer, until I had to pry it from his little hand while ignoring the tears.

We also got a bead maze. Any time we go somewhere that has one of these, he gravitates toward it. His favorite thing to do with it when we got home - throw it on the tile to make a loud noise.
But, what's more fun than toys....playing on the floor with mom.

Greyson wanted some attention, so she went and got Ben's dirty (and slightly damp) golf sock from the previous hour and shoved it in my face. Clearly, I am thrilled and Nolan is stunned.

Dinner time meant inventive toy action. Here he is playing astronaut with the top to a plastic cake container.
And here's another reason why I get no sleep. Greyson. I went to get in the bed and this is what I found. She sure looks comfy.
And with my little guy on the way to church this morning. He cried in the nursery - again. I'm hoping we can get to a p0int where he's happy to go. On a side note, this is as straight as I could get my hair this morning - this is an hour after I dried it and I haven't even stepped outside. It has curled up every day for the last week. I hate humidity.
In other news, we are having a paver patio installed in our backyard. They've been working for the last week and the backyard is a disaster. I hope to have before and after pics posted later this week.

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