Monday, September 27, 2010

Because I Always Deliver

Now this post is only like a million-kajllion-bazillion light years late, but I finally got around to it. Now that our backyard doesn't resemble a scene from The Grapes of Wrath, I can show you pictures of the new paver patio (taken this morning while the in-laws watched N and after I watered the plants...woo hoo).

Here is the before. The grass didn't grow close to the concrete because it was always shaded. It also didn't grow next to the house for the same reason. There was a lot of dirt tracked in on puppy paws (and baby feet). Also, see those two terrible trees. What were they? We figure they were there to somewhat block the neighbors. Well, they did a terrible job and they were ugly. From where the picture was taken was a terrible muddy mess on the northeast side of the yard. Dirt, dirt and more dirt. After our yard was aerated, grass would grow for all of 40 seconds here and then start to die off.

The yard was pretty sad. But after the improvements and letting most of the grass grow back in and replacing 12 boxwoods (9 of which were totally dead), the yard is looking better. We still plan to put in some bigger trees, but this is a start.

We planted hydrangeas along the north side of the house - they just make me think of home...not that we ever had any in our yard. I just love them. We also did about a 350 sqft paver patio. We plan to put a table out on it in the spring if we can find one that I like. We did boxwoods, crape myrtles and daylilies around the patio and have three open areas so we can get to the yard.

On the left hand side, you can see Ben's new grill storage area. It was stored under the original porch area, but that created a fly hotel by our back door. So then we moved it here, but it was in a mud hole when it rained. We extended the patio around this side of the house, and the grill has a cozy new home.

And the view looking west. You can see those ugly trees are gone. We would like to do some evergreens along the fence so we don't have to see our neighbors back porch (or hear their awful country music). We also want to put a maple somewhere over here so Nolan has to rake leaves when he is 10 years old. I figure his childhood would be imcomplete without a backyard full of messy leaves. Plus, I think the tree would look pretty awesome and provide some much needed shade during our hot summers.
So there you have it - the complete patio. Finally. And only a million-kajllion-bazillion light years late.

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Linda said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a fantastic setting for entertaining.....or just watching Nolan play! You guys did GOOD! :)