Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love Flipping Out on Bravo. And I just love Sarah. That thought process is totally unrelated to anything in my life and in no way an indication of how much television I watch. I just needed a title for the post and since I think she is the sweetest thing ever, I decided to use her word.

Nolan has decided it is fun to sit at the table. He just pulls the chair out, crawls up in it and enjoys a little snack. It's easier to feed him in the high chair, but it seems I can't keep him from growing up. (Don't you just love those little pjs?)

Last Friday we took a little trip to Chik-fil-a to play on the playground. I got a lemonade and we started playing. He wouldn't go down the slide without me following him in. In case you aren't aware, those children's enclosed play areas smell like urine. Consider yourself informed. In other news, at 5'9", I may be a little tall to effectively get around in Chik-fil-a's Toddler Town.

We named this little doll Richie. Little Richie, if you will.

Here he is with dad watching some football on Sunday afternoon. I had to crop the picture because someone was wearing shorts, and couldn't keep his legs together. Borderline inappropriate.

And here's what's left of my box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I rarely eat cereal, but I had a total hankering for the stuff on Sunday so I bought a box. I had one bowl and then Sweetsies here emptied it out on the floor. To top it off, Greyson wouldn't touch the stuff. It took two days to get the floor clean, but I think the tile is now clear of all cinnamon and sugar.

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