Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi Pumpkin

Almost two weeks ago we went to the Pea Ridge patch at McGarrah Farms. That and the battlefield are probably the only reasons you would head over to Pea Ridge...well, and they have a Fred's. I hear he's giving the place away. Back to the patch. We met our friends Kacy, Wells and Davis. Wells is about a year older than Nolan and Davis is the sweetest little baby (about a year younger than Nolan). And boy are they C.U.T.E. It's fun to see how Davis is and remember how Nolan was that little and then see all of the things that Wells is doing and know that I get to look forward to those things.

Nolan was somewhere between the ladybug and butterfly in height. (We'll find out his real height next week at his well-baby visit).
Picking up pumpkins was so much fun.

He finally figured out why there was a whole in the piece of plywood. Adorable.

We jumped (with mom's assistance) from haybale to haybale.

And before we headed home, we hopped in the train (but didn't take a ride).

Now I'm off to carve our pumpkins.

On another note, please pray for my nieces. Mady and Maci are both sick with ear infections and viruses (I can't remember which has which) and they are testing Marlee because she has lost a lot of weight (down to 15 lbs from 20). They tried to do a sodium chloride test yesterday but couldn't get enough sweat so they are going to have to go another route. They are just the sweetest little girls and I don't see how their mom does it.
This is an picture from the summer (so obviously, they are bigger now) - but aren't they just adorable?

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Greenville Fun

I mentioned in the previous post that the 4-wheeler was a different story. Nolan loved it. My dad drove him around the yard a couple of times. Here, Ben couldn't even start the thing. Ha!

This is Sunday morning as I was packing our bags. Looks like someone wasn't ready to leave a certain something behind.

Did you know Stein Mart began in Greenville? The store is pretty awful now. And now Frostop and Pasquale's are moving in next door. It's a shame they weren't open when we came through town. I really wanted a roast beef sandwich from Pasquale's.

Mischievous. Poor Chester couldn't escape Nolan.

And Nolan made a new friend while we were there. This is Fluffy - Daddy and Cathy's outdoor cat. We will never have a cat because Ben hates them and I am not exactly fond of them (though 11-year old Shelley loved cats). Nolan is clearly aware of this and got in as much QT as he could.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dirty

We ventured down to the Delta this past weekend to see my family. It was a trip that was long overdue. We've tried to make this trip since June and finally got around to it. I know my family was excited. It was too short, but we had a good time.

Greenville is an exceptionally flat place...thus the pooling water. Okay, it might have something to do with a poorly designed neighborhood street with not enough stormwater inlets. Either way, Nolan had a blast.

My dad has a lot of outdoor stuff. Here Nolan is standing on the lawnmower. He wouldn't ride on it. It was too loud. 4-wheeler = different story.

And playing with his sweet cousin Stella who was down from her house near Memphis. She is over a year older than him and running around dad's house playing, they looked like they were the same age. Proof that they grow up too fast.

We got take out from Doe's on Saturday and ate at my grandmother's house. Nolan was content to play with the acorn squash. It's hard to eat a steak when you only have 10 teeth.

And on our way home we stopped at McAlister's in Conway. Nolan's 'dessert' was this super yummy pickle. Have you ever seen a cuter face?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nolan's in Jail

This past weekend we got a nice little cool spell. I just love it when the weather is cool but everything is still green.

Nolan had fun playing in the backyard. Here he is supporting his Bulldogs in his finest pair of maroon pants. I might also add this is his only pair of maroon pants.

Holding dog's bone. Now that I've typed those words, they sound so dirty.

At Ben's parents house yesterday evening. He loves to pretend he's in jail whenever he gets behind bars. Let's hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

And spying on the neighbors. I hope no one was home.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty Peas?

Dinner time is always fun when daddy is controlling the spoon.