Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi Pumpkin

Almost two weeks ago we went to the Pea Ridge patch at McGarrah Farms. That and the battlefield are probably the only reasons you would head over to Pea Ridge...well, and they have a Fred's. I hear he's giving the place away. Back to the patch. We met our friends Kacy, Wells and Davis. Wells is about a year older than Nolan and Davis is the sweetest little baby (about a year younger than Nolan). And boy are they C.U.T.E. It's fun to see how Davis is and remember how Nolan was that little and then see all of the things that Wells is doing and know that I get to look forward to those things.

Nolan was somewhere between the ladybug and butterfly in height. (We'll find out his real height next week at his well-baby visit).
Picking up pumpkins was so much fun.

He finally figured out why there was a whole in the piece of plywood. Adorable.

We jumped (with mom's assistance) from haybale to haybale.

And before we headed home, we hopped in the train (but didn't take a ride).

Now I'm off to carve our pumpkins.

On another note, please pray for my nieces. Mady and Maci are both sick with ear infections and viruses (I can't remember which has which) and they are testing Marlee because she has lost a lot of weight (down to 15 lbs from 20). They tried to do a sodium chloride test yesterday but couldn't get enough sweat so they are going to have to go another route. They are just the sweetest little girls and I don't see how their mom does it.
This is an picture from the summer (so obviously, they are bigger now) - but aren't they just adorable?

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