Friday, October 15, 2010

More Greenville Fun

I mentioned in the previous post that the 4-wheeler was a different story. Nolan loved it. My dad drove him around the yard a couple of times. Here, Ben couldn't even start the thing. Ha!

This is Sunday morning as I was packing our bags. Looks like someone wasn't ready to leave a certain something behind.

Did you know Stein Mart began in Greenville? The store is pretty awful now. And now Frostop and Pasquale's are moving in next door. It's a shame they weren't open when we came through town. I really wanted a roast beef sandwich from Pasquale's.

Mischievous. Poor Chester couldn't escape Nolan.

And Nolan made a new friend while we were there. This is Fluffy - Daddy and Cathy's outdoor cat. We will never have a cat because Ben hates them and I am not exactly fond of them (though 11-year old Shelley loved cats). Nolan is clearly aware of this and got in as much QT as he could.

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