Friday, November 5, 2010

18 Months Old

Nolan turned 18 months old last week. Seriously, he's been here for a year and a half. So, here are 18 facts about the nugget:

1. At his well-baby visit he was 34 inches tall.

2. He also weighed 27 lbs and 3 oz at his well-baby visit.

3. He wears a size 5 diaper and 18-24 month clothes.

4. His vocabulary has expanded to include: Ben, I don't know, globe, whoa, chip, cheer (cheerios), up, down, water, What's this?, and he will repeat about 25% of what I say (so I really have to watch it - I will never say gosh around him again).

5. He still likes his fruits and veggies to be pureed, but he will eat chicken, cheese and crackers like it's going out of style. He will try anything that Ben and I are eating.

6. He likes to make the number one on his right hand.

7. He likes to help. He will help me fold clothes (actually try to unfold everything that I have already folded), unload the dishwasher (try to lick the silverware before I have a chance to get it out), feed the dog (he may have eaten dog food once or ten times), etc.

8. He still rides rear-facing in his car seat.

9. He likes to watch the intro to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Imagination Movers, and Choo-Choo Soul on the Disney Channel. He also likes most any music channel.

10. He's a great dancer.

11. He loves all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. He unloads all of the ones he can reach on a daily basis. He has his own special drawer that he can put stuff in and a cabinet that he likes to hide in.

12. He has started giving me kisses on my cheek (as opposed to open-mouth ones he was trying to give me a couple of months ago) and he still gives the best hugs.

13. He has no fear. He has gotten in trouble many times for tearing off down the sidewalk. Usually, we have to go and retrieve him.

14. He loves water.

15. He has started laying down his belly in random places....the bathtub, in a pile of pine straw in his grandparents backyard, in the lobby of a mexican restaurant.

16. He tackles the stairs with reckless abandon. This really freaks me out when he heading down the stairs. I see a trip to the ER in our future.

17. He loves the computer. And is reminded that it is OFF-LIMITS no less than 20 times a week.

18. He is more than we could have ever imagined he would be.

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