Monday, April 1, 2013

Allyn - The first days home

Adjusting to life with Allyn was so much easier than bringing home Nolan.  Was I a better parent?  Ha.  Maybe I knew what to expect.  Everyone had said how two was more than double the work of one.  I disagree.  Nolan cried all of the time and we never left the house.  Ever.  We quickly settled into being a new family of four.  I had a couple of weeks at home with both babies and then in mid-August Nolan began 3-year old preschool.

So, some pictures from the early days.  Here she is just out of the womb.  A perfect 7 lbs, 14 oz.  And look, she has my hands and feet.
 After they brought her back from being cleaned off. 
 All bundled.
 Super hero Nolan was not impressed with his new sister.
 Smooshy baby cheeks.
 Just brought her home from the hospital.  Don't think she's had a pacifier since.
 Pretty baby.
 She was 10 days old and we took Nolan on a fire station outing. 

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