Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Nolan turned 4 this past weekend.  You hear it all of the time, but I really can't believe it has been four years.  We have his doctor's appointment next week...complete with shots.  So I have no clue on his size (ENORMOUS) and stats (off the curves, I'm sure).

Unrelated to Nolan's birthday.  Saturday night we has the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter Starlight Gala.  The Band Perry played and the food was not bad.  And I got to wear a dress that I have had for almost a decade.  Ben's sister, Emily,and Laurie were able to join us. 
 Friday night, Nolan was loving on Allyn.  And she was loving the attention.  I know these two will fight a lot in years (decades?) to come.  But I know they will also love each other like no one other too.
 Saturday's party was a Jump Zone.  We had a Transformer's cake.  Nolan will tell you he is not allowed to watch Transformers because it is too violent.  He is allowed to watch Transfomers Rescue Bots.  But we went big for the cake.  (It was one of the design packages available at Harp's).
 Sunday he got his big present.  The trampoline.  I'm hoping this will keep us semi-active and away from the television and computer and ipad and my phone, etc. 
 And after the long day, he was tuckered out and just wanted to sit in his Poppy's recliner and watch some shows. 
I love my little buddy so much.  And I'm so thrilled he had a great fourth birthday.

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