Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

I love a long weekend.  Especially one that involves a day off for Ben. Easter weekend this year was nice.  We crammed in a lot of activities into 3 days.

This week Nolan started t-ball practice.  I imagine Saturday mornings are going to be full of entertainment watching 4-year olds (and my 3 year old who made the cut-off age deadline by days) play ball.  I'm sure N will be the one to run to third base.
 Thursday afternoon, we had pictures with Bethany.  Well, the babes had pictures.  I had on a baseball t-shirt.  Maybe I should have dressed a little more nicely.  Every time I set Allyn down and walked away, she would stick out her bottom lip and cry with nice big tears.  Thankfully, Bethany is awesome and a total pro and got some good pictures. This was at home after pictures.

 Easter morning Nolan woke up (way too early) to find his Easter basket. This year the bunny got him a Transformers book and a Veggie Tales movie.  And Reese's peanut butter eggs!  He watched the movie while Ben and I got ready for church.
 Another first this weekend was fishing.  In a field behind our neighborhood there is a pond.  Ben and Nolan went and bought a tiny fishing pole and some crickets.  They didn't catch a thing but had a blast.
 Nolan and one of his favorite friends.  Parker had his birthday party at JumpZone.  These two are tight.  They match each other in terms of energy and size.  Jumping takes it out of you.  The only way to recover is with pizza.
 And the obligatory Easter morning shots.  {Fun Fact:  I also wore this dress last Easter.  It accomodates a baby belly and it is easy to nurse in.  And it's cute.}  I could just eat Nolan with a spoon!
 And I just love sweet Allyn in all of that cotton.  The dress she has on is a size 3m.  Yeah, she's itty bitty. 
I will begin to post some more info on Allyn's condition and update when we begin treatment.  One thing I have learned about early onset scoliosis is that most doctors, while familiar with the condition, aren't completely up to speed with treatments available.  A lot of progress has been made in the last 7 years in terms of giving these babies a chance at a life without limitations.  

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