Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well, where have you been?


Summer was crazy hectic for the family.  Allyn got cast #1 on in early June.  The next week my grandmother passed away.  We had to travel back to the Delta three times during the summer.  And we had a second cast put on at the beginning of August.  Between keeping the N-ster entertained and keeping the peanut out of the heat, we stayed plenty busy.   But now the nuggets are back in school.  Holla!  And I'm catching up on all of the things that got away from me on our less than lazy summer days.

Here is sweet pea the day she got the first cast off.  She took a 30 minute bath right when we got home.  She took another long bath that night.  Her hair was so clean.  Cleaning a baby covered in plaster is not an easy feat.  It's so much easier to just plop her in the tub.
 And this was after bath time.  I think that sweet little smirk says it all.
 I got some pictures of her curve.  We didn't see any correction in cast #1.  She is still at 50 degrees.  But honestly, I think she lost some of the rotation.  The rib hump looked less noticeable. 
 She also loved the week of mobility.  She was able to curl up and roll and just be a baby. 
 She has not slept this well in two months. 
 Two weeks after we got cast #2, school started back.  Nolan is in preschool three days a week.  And I decided to send Allyn two days.  I'm still going up there mid-morning to nurse her.   I'm scared to let her go too long without nursing because she is so tiny and refuses a bottle or cup.  Girl just loves her mama.  So my breaks have been in 2.5 hour windows.  But it's better than nothing.  I may even schedule a haircut for sometime soon.
 Wild man was crazy excited about his first day. 
 Dad was out of town for our first two days of school.  So things didn't flow as smoothly as I would have loved.  But we have the rest of the year to figure these things out.  In other news, Nolan has turned Allyn's baby food into his toys.  The green tops (bad guys) fight the red/orange tops (good guys).  He told me that we needed to buy more baby food so he could use the ones we had as toys.  Seeing as it was $65 worth of pouches, I told him to share or pick another game.
 And just because she is such a doll.  Love this little angel to pieces!
 Here is A in cast #2.  This one is bigger and clearly more uncomfortable.  There are shoulder straps which make everything harder.  And it already stinks.  But we just pray for correction and comfort. 

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