Monday, September 9, 2013

Cheers to the freaking weekend

That has always sounded so raunchy to me.  But there it is in the title.  Living on the edge. 

We had a productive week/weekend.  Allyn is now in physical therapy a couple of times a week.  Between preschool, my gym visits, doctor's visits, gymnastics, and now PT, we are staying super busy.  But less busy than that is wonderful. 

Also, I am constantly amazed by little peanut's ability for independent play.  I don't EVER remember Nolan playing with this barn.  She loves the figurines, doors and sliding chicken.  Sometimes I feel like I am neglecting her because she plays so well by herself. 
 In eating news, she has gained over half of a pound in a few weeks.  Yeah!!!  Turns out, like her momma, she loves chocolate.  This was after she licked chocolate off of a piece of my Kit Kat.  But don't worry, I'm making her eat her veggies too. 
 It's so yummy!
 Also this past weekend, we got around to organizing the upstairs play area.    There were 245,468 toys in baskets and scattered on the floor.  These organizing cases (that are bolted to the no moving them now) help keep tiny toys away from the baby and help me keep my sanity.  There is one more that is housing puzzles and board games and some books that is on the other side of the room.
 Clearly watching me assemble wore someone out!
 And I love watching these two entertain each other.  Nolan gets her so happy.  This went on for 20 minutes after dinner last night. 
 Love.  Love.  Love!
 And this is old, but I rarely rest because the kids love to be around me.  It's natural so I don't fight it.  Well, last week Ben really wanted to rest.  So he set up a quiet space on the living room floor.  And as you see, you can't escape the kids. 

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