Friday, December 27, 2013

Dolly's Loves

If you know me personally, and spend any time around me and the nuggets, you know that I often call Allyn, Dolly.  Why?  She is like a sweet little baby doll.  I have always said my favorite phase of having a baby is when they interact and sit and don't do much else.  Well, here we are at 16 months and I still have that.  She sits and scoots and babbles, and that's pretty much it.  So, basically I still have a 5 or 6-month old.  And on the one hand, I love having a baby, it is bittersweet.  I so badly want her to hit milestones.  And I tell myself, we will get there eventually.  But I love Dolly to pieces. 

But what does Dolly love?
 She loves baby dolls.  And babies.  Sometimes when we see a 3 to 4 month old baby, she so badly wants to get her hands on him.  But usually, he is bigger than she is.  ;-)
She loves her sunglasses.
 And mine.  She laughs every time she puts them on.
  She loves her brother's rocking chair.  And his books.  And his room.  And pretty much anything else that belongs to him.  She loves him too.
 Purses, shoes, lip gloss, hairbrushes.  Just so you are certain she is 100 % girl.
 And Mickey Mouse.  She will point and the tv and grunt.  And usually only Mickey will do.  Sometimes I can get away with Henry Hugglemonster or Peg Plus Cat.  Nolan never cared for anything at this age.  I now know what all of my parent friends were talking about when they said their babes were obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
And the only thing that we have eaten consistently in the past two weeks.  YoBaby banana yogurt.  And wouldn't you know they seem to be having some supply issues so I have only been able to find it at one store in town.  

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