Wednesday, January 8, 2014

She's So Busted

Santa brought us an INSANE amount of Christmas candy.  I would say it would take us months to get through the stuff but I love chocolate, so the reality is we'll be done with it in a few weeks. 
Miss Thing found a bag in my purse.  Unwrapped all of the stuff she could and took one single bite from each piece.  Guess she is a fan too.

Also, I don't have a "real" job.  And I really don't plan on even attempting to go back to work until Nolan and Allyn are both in full time school.  Plus with all of the therapy and doctor's appointments and then throw in a sick kid, and I would never be in the office.  Point?  Well, I feel so guilty when I buy stuff.  For me.  Last night I ordered three pairs of jeans.  Because I have 3 pair that fit.  And 4 that are too big.  I mentioned to Ben that I was ordering them.  This morning he asked me 3 pair of jeans cost "x" dollars.  It's like guilt on top of guilt.  I don't want to return them and I do need new jeans, but I don't want him or anyone thinking I am being careless with our money.  Does anyone else feel this way or I am the only crazy one?  And would my guilt be remedied if I was earning money doing something?


Anonymous said...

If you already have 3 pairs of jeans that fit why do you need 4 more pairs?!
Were you bored?
Are you in debt?. If not no problem!. Spend!
Do you really need all these pairs of jeans? ,or are you trying to compete with other moms?

Shelley said...

I like to have a couple of different cuts and colors. And then the kids or I will get something gross on them. 3 pair is really like a bare minimum for me. I ordered one straight pair because they really go with everything, one skinny pair and a white pair for spring and summer.
And rest assured, it's not a competition. I am in gym clothes 3 days a week. All day. If it were a competition, I would be in dead last. :-)

Anonymous said...

I work outside the home and find that I buy myself the bare minimum. But, you work hard! And deserve to treat yourself. Jeans depend on your mood or where you are going. You can never have enough. Relax, I am sure no one is in dire need of anything, or that you are going to need to eat ramen noodles for a week because you bought three pair of jeans.

Adrienne Gilbreath said...

I completely understand the guilt that comes from buying something you need when you're a SAHM. In fact I had Bart get me jeans for Christmas because every pair I own is worn out at the knees from chasing Lorelai around on the floor.

I wouldn't feel too guilty. It sounds like you got something you needed and didn't just frivolously spend money. There is a HUGE difference. Now I just have to tell myself that from time to time.