Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Days

Last Friday morning, the stomach bug hit our house.  Nolan woke up around 6 yelling at me from my bathroom.  So I woke Ben up to help out.  He spent all day either vomiting, on the toilet or sleeping.  But he's a strange one.  Right after he gets sick he is ready to get back to it.  It's like it never happened.  It was hard to restrict his food and liquids intake.  But when you are home with one sick kid and one well baby, you try to limit the number of episodes and subsequent cleanups. 

So this is how Nolan spent Friday.  Eating rice.  Eating applesauce.  Drinking tiny sips of water.  Playing ipad.
 And sleeping.
 And how Allyn spent Friday.  Working on the computer (taking everything out of the desk drawer).
 Having a tea party.  And generally staying away from her brother. 
And just because you have a stomach virus and get over it doesn't mean you can't get it again 5 days later.  Nolan is home from school again today.  He woke me up just before 4 this morning vomiting in my bed.  Ben is out of town and both kids sleep in our bed while he is gone.  So while changing the sheets, I had to wake up Allyn.  She was crying because I woke her up, Nolan was crying because he was sick.  And I wanted to cry because I was having to deal with this while Ben is out of town.  Fortunately my wonderful (and I stress WON-DER-FUL) mother-in-law came over just after 5 a.m and took Allyn back to her house.  Nolan and I both went back to sleep around 7 a.m. and he woke back up at 9:30...still feeling gross (I couldn't sleep a second past 8 a.m.). So it's another day of recovery at the Scarbrough house.  Is it awful to say that I am completely and totally ready for summer to arrive and all of this sickness to be gone. 
Hopefully today will involve a lot more of this.

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