Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ice Cream Thief

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It's by far my favorite.  And even better, it's not Ben's favorite and Nolan hates things that are mint flavored...AKA: spicy.  There are not many things that I buy and I single-handedly consume.  Dinners at home, dinners out, desserts, bottles of water, even cups of ice water that I fill up at the house usually are sipped on by one of the kids.  (Did I mention I have a cold right now.  Wonder how that happened?)

Well, guess who has developed a taste for the mint chocolate chip ice cream?  My dolly. 
 I have started buying her Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream.  It seems to have more fat and calories than other brands out there.  Plus, it's kind of amazing.  After school we usually come in and Allyn and I have ice cream and Nolan has a popsicle. 
Oh, but what does this little doll prefer?  The Talenti Meditteranean Mint gelato that I was overindulging snacking on.  But who can blame her?  It's totally amazing.  So now I am once again on the hunt for something that I love to eat and is not the preference for anyone else in the family.  

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