Monday, February 24, 2014

Cast #5

Last Sunday we flew to Chicago to get Allyn's next cast.  Cast Number Five.  Seriously y'all.  We are on number five.  Before this whole casting thing started I just knew we would be doing three or four casts and she would be straight.  Turns out that is not our journey.  We had a few days of intense physical therapy to work on crawling and standing and trunk ROTATION, ROTATION, ROTATION.  The lack of the ability to rotate her trunk along with the added weight of the cast has made hitting gross motor milestones pretty much impossible.  But without the added weight she was doing a great job of standing and even some assisted walking.  It is after all about 15% more weight added to her body. 
 So Sunday we headed up to the western suburbs to look at houses.  Wait.  What?  I probably forgot to mention to you all that we are moving back to the Chicago area.  Ben has a new position and it makes getting her medical care so much easier.  We looked at twenty houses in December and found nothing.  We looked at six more and nothing.  But it makes it hard when you have a pretty good idea where you want to be.  If worse comes to worse, we can always rent something.  I just plan on us being in this house for longer than we have been anywhere so I don't want to end up with a floor plan I don't love or a location I'm not wild about.  After we looked at homes we had to go and watch some cartoons at the hotel. 
 We had our last bath for the next SEVERAL weeks.
 And got all dried off.  She really enjoys bath time now.  But the first bath out of cast is always a little foreign to her. 
 We headed into Shriner's early on Monday morning.  They were forecasted for snow, fortunately nothing was coming down before six that morning.  Yeah, it's six in the morning.  She is all smiles. And she was until we went back to the pre-op holding area.
 We got checked in and had x-rays.  The quality is not the best (I blame Ben's photography skills), but we are still somewhere in the 50-degree range.  We have kind of decided that we are not seeing much any improvement because she really isn't growing.  So if you want to say a little prayer (or a big one) that she grows in this cast and starts to straighten out that would be amazing. 
 While she was in surgery I got a call from Nolan's school that he threw up in class and that I needed to pick him up.  So that marks the FOURTH time he has had the stomach bug this year.  I called Mimi to let her know and she headed in to pick him up.  (He had the stomach virus for FOUR days.  It was AWFUL). After the casting we headed back to our hotel and the snow was coming down.  They ended up getting about seven inches of snow.  Also that night the stomach bug got Ben.  Ugh!
 The next morning we went and got some of the margins trimmed to make the cast more comfortable and headed home.  Bye Chicago.  See you in a couple of months.

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