Friday, March 7, 2014

Embrace the Awkward

There is not enough Internet to fully explain how awkward I was as a child (and still am today). 
 Rest assured, it started early.  Sure I was adorable.  But clearly, my mother had NO IDEA of what to do with that hair. 
 I was in fifth grade.  My ears were not pierced, so I wore some homemade clip on earrings.  And a bow.  And curled my bangs.  I think this is when I began to slip into serious awkward territory.
 And in sixth grade I had my mom take me to get a spiral perm.  What?  I think I wanted to look like Julia Roberts.  Instead, I look more like a Labradoodle.
 Another one in sixth grade.  I'm on the middle row on the left.  I was pretty much always a smaller child.  And a really late bloomer.  I think that most certainly added to the awkward. 
 So in seventh grade the perm was growing out but I brought back the bow.  And an oversize tunic shirt with shoulder pads.  I was also wearing floral leggings and Sam and Libby bow flats.  Maybe I would have looked less weird if any of my clothes fit. 
 Eighth grade was a less awkward year for me.  You may wonder what in the world is going on in my mouth.  I was born without a whole mess of adult teeth.  Two top lateral incisors (which wasn't awkward at all, let me tell you), two bicuspids and all of my wisdom teeth.  A lot of dental work had to happen on this grill to get it to where it is today.  So from seventh through tenth grade I had all of thes springs and braces and headgear and mouth drama. 
 Ninth grade may have very well been the PEAK of my awkwardness.  I had braces and acne and puberty was still eluding me.  So I jazzed up my school pic with one of my MOM'S necklaces.  Fancy. 
 Also, about this time I broke my leg.  Let's amp up that awkwardness in the front yard at my dad's house.  Why not?
I was probably sixteen here.  Maybe seventeen.  I look twelve.  And judging from the way most girls dress today, I look eight. 
Let's just be thrilled that with the help of dermatology, cosmetic dentistry and over twenty years of taming this mop on my head I look marginally less awkward today. 


stacey said...

bahahahaha... i LOVE this!!! not just your awkward pictures but everybodys!!

Kelly Stamps said...

I don't think you are awkward - I think you are beautiful! But I love that you linked up1!!!!