Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finding a New Normal

Ahhhh, moving.  If you want to see someone near her maximum stress level, have her relocate with kids.  We are slowly figuring things out.  Some key things to keep in mind:  everything is more expensive and it takes longer to get anywhere you want to go.  So entertaining the kids is forcing me to pick and choose activities so we can keep the budget healthy. 
We have also been going through the process of getting Allyn enrolled in Early Intervention.  In our last city, we just did private therapy.  When we started it was just physical therapy.  But as she has gotten older, we have realized she is going to need more and more services.  Services that would probably cost thousands of dollars every month.  So we decided to use our state's early intervention services for the next year and then when she is three see if we can qualify for services through the school district.
We recently had our OT assessment  That is the one area that I thought we may actually not qualify for.  She was 40% behind.  I guess sometimes I just forget how old she is and what is typical for a child her age to be doing.  I still think of her as a baby.  But she is almost two.  The therapist gave us some things to work on to help her grip and strength.  And once the assessments are done, we will add that to the list of therapies we will be in weekly.  And while it seems like a lot, I am just so thrilled there are resources out there to make this as easy as possible for the whole family.  And therapists who clearly love their jobs.
She has started crawling.  And just last night she pulled up to stand with a little help.  She has only done that one other time before.  The elation on her face when she did it will forever be etched in my memory.  It is by far one of the happiest memories I have of her to date.  And after she gave me a big hug she had the best giggle.  And those moments make me forget about all of the hurdles. 

 And then there is Nolan.  He is also enjoying himself.  We try to get out of this place to play and explore.  He really wants to go swimming.  And eat goldfish crackers...ALL. DAY. LONG.  I know he will settle into a good routine once we are able to get into the house.
 So.  The House.  We will be pushing our move in date.  The flooring install took longer than expected.  And even with the delays we factored into the move in date, it just wasn't enough time for the poly to cure.  And we didn't want movers destroying new flooring so we pushed it a couple of weeks.  Also, the fumes.  It is definitely going to need a couple of weeks so it doesn't make me or the kids sick. 

Here is a little sneak peek.  This is the dining room before.  Now I understand maybe you love hunter green.  And that is a paint treatment. Not wallpaper.  But I do not.  I like simple neutrals.  And sparkly accessories.  So we are modifying some things.  I will say the owners took the best care of their home.  They just really loved yellow.  A lot. 

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