Monday, July 7, 2014

It's Difficult to Believe She Is Almost Two

We had our meeting with Early Intervention this morning.  I know Allyn is behind in a lot of areas.  The biggest concerns for our family are her gross motor skills and speech.  We had all of our in-home assessments with EI and we met as a group to set forth some plans for treatment.  We have kind of decided that she will do two sessions of physical therapy, two (or one) session of speech therapy and one session of occupational therapy weekly.   And twice a month we will meet with a developmental therapist. 

The results didn't really take me by surprise.  Nor did the plan we outlined for her therapy.  The care coordinator and therapists all said we could scale back if it seemed to be overwhelming.  I would seriously move mountains for this little girl.  So we are going to do as much therapy as we can for the next six months or year.  And we all too often hear about how His timing is perfect.  We will have a lot of therapy beginning in the next weeks or months.  And in terms of managing two kids, it could be a lot.  Fortunately it is going to work out that Nolan will be in kindergarten when she is doing most of her therapies so I am hopeful that this will impact him as little as possible. 

I don't ever want him to feel like I am constantly pouring into his little sister and he is just some blip in our lives.  And that gets away from me sometimes because he can be so self-sufficient.  It's really hard to believe how demanding, needy little he used to be.  And I know I gave him 100% of myself before his sister arrived and I still manage to carve out time for him when Ben is home or Allyn is napping so I just need to get over the self-imposed mom guilt. 

 But the take away from our meetings were that while Allyn seems to be cognitively on track, her lack of gross motor skills keep her from doing age appropriate activities and tasks so she is behind on some of her more developmental milestones.  And the lack of weight bearing has kept her from strengthening a lot of her muscles necessary for fine motor skills.  And she doesn't really have any core strength and that plays into some of her mouth muscles (file this into things I would have never known) and that is impacting her speech and eating. 

At some point we will also have a follow up with nutrition.  She is just so little.  And we offer her foods.  Lot of options throughout the day.  But we just don't seem to be chipping away at her small size with any measurable amount.  So we will explore that avenue too.

But everyone noted how pleasant she is and how she seems engaged with adults.  (Kids freak her out a little because they can be a little a lot more unpredictable.)  I hope that at some point I can update all of this and say just how far she has come in a short period of time.  But if it takes a long time, that's okay too.  And if we never get there, we'll still love on this sweet little girl the same as yesterday. 

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