Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snow Days

Last Sunday we got slammed with winter weather.  The forecast started off mid-week showing accumulations of up to five inches.  By the time we checked the forecast discussion on Saturday night, the totals were closer to twelve inches.  So we finally broke down and purchased a snow blower.  As we were putting it together one of our lovely neighbors came by to tell Ben he would snowblow the driveway because there was no way Ben could shovel it.  I think he was terrified that he would have to do CPR on him in the driveway. 

This was Ben's drive on the way to buy a snowblower.  I think we it had been snowing for about 6 hours at this point.  It was a very wet and heavy snow. 
The view from the kitchen window. 
 Later, Nolan got up to play in the backyard.  He and Ben had the best time playing in the snow and clearing off the driveway, sidewalks and deck.  I really enjoyed staying inside of a warm house. 
 This was on the afternoon of the big snow event on our back deck.  The deck doesn't get any drifts so I think this is a pretty accurate total for accumulation at that point in the day. 
 And it lasted all day.  We went to a Super Bowl Party at a neighbor's house that night.  There was a big turnout of a lot of us that lived close by.  It was great to go somewhere and not have to worry about not getting home.  We debated walking but later in the day, it turned into blizzard conditions and we were not sure how clear the sidewalks were on the way so we drove.  And parked in their driveway. 
Sweet Nolan got up the next morning since school was cancelled to check the totals.  He was VERY excited about no school.  He had missed the Friday before because Allyn had a stomach virus and he said he wasn't feeling well too (turns out he was just fine).  And then he missed Monday because of the snow.  Ben was lucky enough that he was able to work from home.  We spent most of the day inside playing the basement and staying warm. 
Later in the afternoon after Ben had finished all of his work, he took Nolan down to our secret park.  It was just beautiful. 
 And I'm pretty sure they had an amazing time.
Sweet boy snuggled up in his bed.
And then on Tuesday, it snowed again. Unfortunately this time Allyn and I were stuck near Chicago close to rush hour at a doctor's appointment that was running really late (like 3 hours late).  And then a commute home that should have taken 45 minutes took 2 hours.  And she cried almost the entire way home.  Me + Driving In Snow + Rush Hour + Crying Little Girl = MAJOR STRESS.
Is it too early to say I'm ready for Spring?  Or Summer?

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