Monday, May 11, 2015

Go West

For Spring Break this year we traveled to the Denver area.  Ben's sister lives in the city and we were able to get a home in the Granby area to stay.  It was nice to have a few days to hang out with Ben's family and the boys got to enjoy their fill of winter sports. 

The Saturday before our neighborhood had an Easter Egg hunt.  I look frightful, but Allyn is looking precious.  She loved every second of it and cherished her five eggs that she was able to scoop up before the faster kids could get to them.
 Nolan loves to stay abreast of safety information on the plane.  But we flew Southwest this time and they had the free tv.  So it was a nice break to not have to answer 30 questions regarding evacuation.
 When we got there the weather was spectacular.
 Emily got there the first night and the kids were so happy to see Lala/Umie.
 The first full day we were there Allyn and I hung back in the house.  She is SO HAPPY when she is not restricted by that cast.  We played and walked.
 And watched tv.
 The next night Ben's family arrived and this little girl had some people wrapped around her finger.  And she got quite good at tossing the dice.
Everyone was happy to climb on Poppy.

 Mimi and Poppy had a little birthday celebration for Nolan while we were out there since they would not be able to be here for his birthday this year.
I am so happy that Nolan was a trooper on the mountain.  I think he really enjoyed ski school and we will definitely go back soon.  He told us how they went to see where animals had scratched on trees.  That was his favorite part of the lesson.
 On our last day there, the boys went tubing.  We had already left the condo so Allyn and I sat in the car for about an hour and a half and watched this view.  My glasses were of zero help to figure out which group was "mine."
 And girly was OVER IT.
 But boy did he love it.
 Our flight back to Midway was awful.  For the very first time in my life I got sick on the plane.  I felt fine until we got into the Chicago area and it was so windy.  I had consumed an entire bottle of water and a mini package of Cadbury mini eggs.  I made it all of the way to the gate and then filled up the bag.  Ben had already taken Allyn off of the plane but I had to get Nolan and our diaper bag and the barf bag.  I was almost in tears because I was embarrassed and overwhelmed.  And if that never happens again, I will be so happy. 

When we got back, the next morning was Easter Sunday.  Nolan received a fish tank.  He was so proud.  He got some fish:  Salary and Marky.  (And Marky II and Marky III and Marky IV). 
I loved being able to take a trip to see family and have fun.  But next time, please please pretty please, let it be somewhere warm. 

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