Monday, October 5, 2015

Emily Gets Hitched

Ben's little sister got engaged this past May (in Italy...what a dream).   Not one to mess around with a long engagement, they were married in September.  So we packed up the family and made the trek to Denver for a fun wedding weekend.

We hopped in a cab right after school on Thursday to fly out of O'Hare.  And honestly, we had quite possibly the most ridiculous reason for a flight delay ever.  Someone spilled a drink on the incoming flight (that was already delayed) so we had to wait another hour and a half for them to change out the padding on the seats.  So we ended up getting to our hotel around 11 p.m. MT on Thursday night.  The troops were tired. 

Friday morning we ventured out to breakfast at Snooze.  For some reason Ben thought it would be best to hit one on the southwest side of town.  So that was a 2-hour trip, but Allyn ate all of her eggs and some tortilla and Nolan had pancakes and sausage.  So a breakfast win.  Later that afternoon we had a bridal luncheon for Emily.  Allyn and I went and to say she was DONE at that point is an understatement.   She ate nothing but some cupcake icing and fell asleep in the car.  For some reason I have not one single picture of this event.  I think it's because I was tending to a certain grumpy three year old. 

That night we ventured to Evergreen for the reception.  It was a beautiful venue.  Following a brief rehearsal, we headed off to a dinner at 6 p.m.  Again, Allyn fell asleep in the car so no pictures of her.  This dinner was long.  The food was good but Allyn wouldn't eat a thing they had and only had some Ritz crackers I had in my bag.  This would prove to be a crucial learning moment for me.  Kids need to eat especially when they are at high altitudes.   We got back so late that night and crashed. 

The next morning we got up and headed to breakfast.  Allyn was complaining that her head hurt.  Of course, I had packed no medicine.  We were ordering our food (we had just picked her up some Chickfila minis that she promptly ate) and her color was looking totally off and her eyes were heavy.  I got nervous and decided to get her out in the fresh air.  Right when I stepped out the door, she barfed ALL OVER ME (and my only jacket I had packed for the trip).  It was definitely altitude sickness.  She ate more chicken and had some juice and seemed to be recovering for the rest of the day. 
So we went to Red Rocks.  (I know, right?)
That afternoon while Allyn napped, Nolan got to play with some friends of ours from Arkansas. 

That evening we headed back out to Evergreen for pictures early and then the wedding at 6 p.m.  Nolan was the ring bearer, Ben was a groomsman and I was a reader.  Allyn was my date.  Like I mentioned, it was a beautiful venue.  We celebrated and danced and had a grand time.  Of course, it was another LONG evening and Allyn fell asleep for the last two hours of the reception and Nolan was beyond hysterical by the time we got back to our hotel.  But we would do it again for Lala. 

 (Oh em gee.  I packed one pair of dress shoes for the trip.  By the third hour of the third event wearing them, my feet were done.  So thank you TOMS for coming to the rescue).

 Kacy and Mike were there for the celebration. 
And I just had the best time with my date.  Because I seriously almost never saw Ben or Nolan.  (That's Ben standing up in the background taking pictures from the wedding party table.)
And kind of unrelated to the wedding, that may be one of my most favorite dresses I have ever purchased.  Although I may be investing in some Spanx because boy was it snug around the tush and I kept stressing about visible panty line.   
On Sunday we all boarded a (delayed) flight to Chicago to head home.  From there Ben headed back out to Orange County for work.  It was exhausting but we were glad to celebrate Emily and Dave in such a beautiful place for such a special event.  

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