Sunday, October 4, 2015

That Time I Fell of the Face of the Earth

What can I say, life is busier than normal.  Nolan finished kindergarten, summer rolled around and life got extra crazy, like crazy with crazy sauce on the side.  It was good, but it was also CRAZY.

We started off the summer with Nolan in coach pitch baseball.  Practice on Monday and games on Thursday or Friday nights.  Some of which were not over until after 8 p.m. and that may have happened while Ben was traveling with work. 

We took a trip back to Arkansas to see Ben's family in early June.  Allyn just loves being at Mimi's house.  They may have taken her to Chuck E. Cheese.  She also had roseola while we were there.  She screamed pretty much the entire drive down and ran a very low grade fever.  Fever broke, and BOOM rash.  Childhood illnesses always pop up at such interesting times. 

We went in to get another serial cast for her scoliosis.  And with all of her heart issues they decided to switch her to a TLSO brace until we get all of that figured out.  Talk about a game changer for summer.  SO....

We joined a pool.  It was awesome.  We went up there several times a week beginning in July when we joined.  And we made the most of it until they closed on Labor Day.  Allyn would play in the baby pool and sit in the shade and eat snacks.  Nolan learned how to really swim.  And I got to do a fair amount of relaxing and talking with friends when Ben was there and Nolan had a friend to play with.  The pool may have been the highlight of summer.
We also made a trip downtown to meet friends and do fun touristy stuff.  If you are going to do Chicago, summer is the time to do it.

Ben's company had a night at the Peggy Notebart Museum.  Another fun trip downtown in the summer.

Being out of the cast and in the brace really helped with Allyn's propreoception.  She started walking more and even began to tackle the stairs.  It made me a little nervous but seeing her this happy is totally worth my fear. 

Also, she may be the poster child for waiting for chocolate cake at Portillo's. 

In August, we took a trip to the beach (never again) and someone had her third birthday.  She had a Hello Kitty cake and we had a little party with friends we had met there.  It was her biggest celebration to date.  She had another party on the way home when we stopped to see family outside of Nashville.  Cake and being all about her were high on her list of things she loves.

And then it was time to get back into the swing of things.

That's right.  School.  Nolan is in first grade and has a lot of friends in his class and a great teacher and is really enjoying school this year.  And Allyn started preschool through our school district's early childhood program.  She loves school and tells me every day about how much she likes her teacher and her bus driver.  She started walking independently in school and a lot of the fear she had around her peers has diminished.  School has been a great thing. 

Now that it's fall and we are finding a routine, things are easier.  We will meet with her orthopedic surgeon this month to figure out what to do about her spine: back to casting or continued bracing.  And we will also figure out what to do about her heart in the next few weeks.  We are hoping a heart catheterization will be the route that allows us the fix the ASD but the hole is almost her entire atrial wall and may be too big.  She may also have to much of a pressure gradient and pulmonary hypertension that would make that not possible.  I know she will be in good hands and it will get figured out, I just pray that whatever route we take is not a struggle for her. 

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