Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Open Heart Surgery - Days Four, Five and Six

By the time Allyn got to day four at Lurie, things seemed to be going pretty well.  She was most certainly feeling better.  Her oxygen levels stabilized after a breathing treatment; she had a partially collapsed left lung.  Other than that, her only issues were that her heart rate was still very high and on the echo they noticed more regurgitation on one valve and the other still had some.  But by all outward appearances, she looked just fine.

I was able to head back to the house on Saturday after Ben got to the hospital.  Nolan had his last indoor soccer game of the year.  How cute are these boys?

I hung around for a bit to get Allyn up and moving.  Our nurse was Natalia and she was super sweet.  She involved Allyn a lot in the whole process which seemed to be well received by the little peanut.

 Once she got started on a few activities, I packed up some of my stuff and headed home for real shower, some good food and quality time with the boy.
 I originally thought we would be heading home on Sunday.  That wasn't the case.  Allyn's heart rate was still in the 150s.  Pre-op she was in the 120s.  So we had to do a bunch of tests to see if the doctors could figure out if there was a cause.
 So we hung around Sunday and Monday too.  Our doctor on the floor those days was Dr. Smith-Parrish.  She may be my all time favorite person we had at Lurie.  Talk about a great bedside manner.  You just knew she was doing everything that was best for Allyn but also recognized that we were all really ready to get out of there.
 On Monday I headed back to the suburbs super early in the morning to help with a gingerbread house day at Nolan's school.  In the past week I had only seen him for a bit on Saturday and knew that it would be special for me to surprise him at school.  I left my phone in the car so I have no pictures, but we had a great time for that hour.

Little girl hung out with daddy and did some work.

By Monday night, it was obvious Allyn was back to herself.  She was playing doctor and up and walking around the floor.  
 She was also eating!  And they started talking about discharging her on Tuesday.  They had examined every possible cause for her heart rate to be so high and they couldn't find a cause.  It appeared it was just a post-op thing and they would be watching it and hoping it would come down with time.  They also started her on a blood pressure medicine and kept her on Lasix to see if it could reduce some of the work her heart was doing.
 And it was a good thing they started talking discharge.  Because later on Monday night, Allyn figured out that the buttons on the bed MADE IT MOVE!!!  It was amazing.  Until I locked them.  Fits were thrown and I knew for sure she was officially back to herself.

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