Monday, January 11, 2016

Open Heart Surgery - Days Two and Three

Days Two and Three were the hardest.  Her heart was fixed, but now she was coming off of all of the good drugs they give you in the operating room.  She still had her morphine pump, but we really couldn't tell a difference if we were giving it to her or not.

They started giving her another drug called toradol that would help more with the muscle pains she was having most likely from having her sternum opened.  We were hoping that this would allow us to take away the morphine.  I knew morphine would add to the constipation and she wasn't eating anything.  Day two our goals were to see if I could get her to eat or nurse and to get her up and moving around.  She still had a line in her arm and her chest tube and her central line and a nose cannula for oxygen.  Just a quick little stroll around the floor was a lot of work.
From my standpoint, day two was the hardest for me as a mom.  She was clingy and I could tell she was tired.  But she was also very restless.  Her oxygen saturation levels kept dropping into the 80s.  But she really wanted that nose cannula off.  And I had gotten maybe and hour and 45 minutes of sleep in the past 30 or so hours.

 So that she could get some sleep, I decided to just hold her and see if she might nurse (she didn't) and use the oxygen mask close to her and see if I could keep the alarm from going off.  She slept for over three hours like this.  She only woke when they had to come in and do the checks.  It was the most sleep she had gotten in the past two days.

We had a great nurse that night who tried to let us get some sleep.  I think her name was Ashley.  I was so thankful for her that night because even an hour of uninterrupted sleep was oh so glorious.  It was also our first night at the hospital without Ben there.

We started off Day Three with a new nurse, Josephine.  She was hilarious.  She called Allyn, "girlfriend."  Allyn was still pretty pissy, but Josephine was doing her very best to lift her spirits.  She was also great an answering all of our questions, because at this point we had a lot.  We wanted to know what we needed to do to get out of this place, what meds she was getting, was being this wiped out normal, etc.

Santa also came by during our visit.  Allyn still wanted no part of Santa.  She looked away.  He gave her a stuffed toy cat.

 On Day Three, it was my goal to get Allyn up and walking.  (I think this is also the day that the Foley catheter came out.)  We took her around the floor to see the babies on the other side of the unit...tiny, tiny babies.  This was the highlight of her every day.  The girl loves a baby and there are a lot of them over there.  A lot of them are on breathing tubes and covered in cords and you can't see them but some are up and playing or being fed and she just loved being able to see those sweet babies.
 After a walk around the floor, we tried to get her standing.  We did get her on her feet.  She wouldn't take any steps, but I figured this was a good start.  I wanted her to feel confident that even though she was in pain she could still start working to get her mobility back.  I was hoping by moving her body around she would start to feel better.  But I guess it was too soon.  She was super tired and crabby.  But it was a start.
 On Day Three she also got a terrible case of contact dermatitis where the tubes from the nose cannula were rubbing on her face, ears and neck.  It was red and actually oozing stuff.  She was actually looking worse all over, her oxygen wasn't stable, she wasn't pooping or eating, and now she had this terrible rash.  I really just felt awful for her.
 But as the day came to an end and we got closer to bedtime, she started to come around to feeling (just a tiny bit) better.  She was able to even eat a couple of bites of spaghetti and a little bit of ice cream at dinner time.

At this point, I was kind of starting to think that we might actually get out of the hospital in a couple of days.  We finished up dinner and said goodbye so Ben could go home for the night to hang out with Nolan.

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Anonymous said...

You don't know me from Adam, but I wanted to tell you I am praying for your sweet girl and your family. I was blessed with 2 healthy children and now one healthy grand daughter. Can't imagine what your family is/has been going through. {{{HUGS}}}

I "think" I found your blog through Kelly Stamps' blog and I don't know her either!! lol

God Bless your family.