Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Open Heart Surgery - Going Home

After six nights in the hospital, Allyn was discharged from Lurie on December 22.  It was great because that Tuesday was also Nolan's last day of school leading up to Christmas break.  So we were all home for Christmas.

We just had to wait (and wait) on all of her discharge papers and medicine.  That took a while.  I know they have to cover all the bases, but once they tell you that you get to take your child home, you are kind of ready to hit the road.  We watched some shows on the ipad.

 Took a couple more walks around the floor....getting a "she's so cute" from all of the nursing staff that saw her.
Changed into our "street" clothes.  

 And hit the road just after lunch.  We made it back to the house in time to see Nolan and Mimi walking back from the bus stop.

Lurie Hospital is amazing.  Dr. Backer is awesome at his job.  The entire cardiology team was phenomenal.  Not once did we feel like they were glossing over her condition or getting her to her very best.

Leaving the hospital, I know how lucky we are.  On so many levels.  We were able to treat this condition.  We are educated enough that we explored every avenue and made informed decisions about our daughter's care.  We have a girl that loves big and has a charisma that pulls everyone in.  Even with her curves and holes, she is the greatest gift and if given the choice, I would choose her again and again.

I know that some how we are meant to bring awareness to this condition and her scoliosis too.  I just don't even know how to begin.  I often feel like I'm missing the boat on spreading awareness of how these things impact her life and all of the warning signs parents should be looking for.  It's a lot to digest.  And where to begin.

But for now, I will just keep soaking Allyn and her sweet smile and request for snuggles in.  Loving the many gifts our family has been given.


sarah pisciotta said...

I'm sure having your babies altogether for the holiday was the best present ever!
God Bless!

Gail said...

Very happy your precious baby is doing well