Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Seventh!!!

Today, Nolan turns seven.  It's quite mind-blowing when you really think about it.  Seven whole years of having him around.  SEVEN!?!?!?!?!  From the moment he arrived, he was a world shaker.  Not 10 minutes after he was born, he was awake and alert and wanted to know what was going on.  And that hasn't changed.  Laid back is never a description that would be used for our first born.

This is about 20 minutes after his delivery.  He hadn't even been officially cleaned off yet and he was so alert. 
 He is strong and strong-willed.  Ben and I joke that he is a lot like me.  No is not a word that either of us likes to hear and we are both super willful and usually push (hard) to get what we want.  (It goes without saying, we are both Tauruses).  But he is also so very sweet.  He loves to spend time as an entire family but loves his one on one time (usually with mom) too.  I think that's been the hardest thing about adding Allyn to the mix; she is a very needy child (not in the sense of emotionally, but physically).  He is an awesome brother to his sweet little sister.  I know that he sacrifices a lot for her, sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity.  I have no doubt that she has made him one of the most compassionate loving kids around and their love has made him quite the warrior for her.  (They do still fight A LOT).
Nolan's First Birthday
 He is a handsome "little" dude.  I see a lot of Ben in his eyes and hair.  And a lot of me in his nose, mouth and chin.  Probably the thing most people notice about him is that he is not little at all.  I really think he will be bigger than Ben.  Right now he is 54" tall and weighs somewhere around 78 lbs.  He wears a size 8 (just barely) or 10 shirt and pants and a size 4.5 shoe.  Seriously.  It saddens me to think that he will probably be taller than me when he is ten years old, and I'm taller than the average female by several inches.

And he is so smart.  He blows us away with the things he remembers and the way he solves problems.  But like his momma, he gets frustrated when things don't come easy because so many things do.  That's something we have been working on.  Frustration is okay; giving up is not.

Right now he is playing sports: baseball, basketball, and soccer and also does Lego Club after school.  He was swimming every week for a while (almost two years), but stopped that in April.  He loves to play chase or tag, and he is absolutely obsessed with wresting.  He also loves electronics (what kid doesn't?).  And he has made a lot of friends in the "neighborhood" and recently they have just been playing in the yard after school.  When his friends describe him, the word most often used is "silly."  He can definitely ham it up for attention.  Which is funny because both Ben and I tend to shy away from a lot of social attention. But I love that he is different from us in that way.  

After school today. 
So HAPPY SEVENTH to the one and only Nola-mite.  One of the most incredible kids around.  So happy I get to call him mine.

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