Monday, May 9, 2016

A Birthday Party Fit For A Seven Year Old

This past Friday, we celebrated Nolan's birthday.  His school district had a half day and so we decided for late afternoon party of Friday with THE GAME TRUCK.  If you have not heard about the game truck, look it up.  It was exactly what he wanted.  Pretty much what every seven-year old loves.  So we invited a "few" of his friends and they had a blast playing video games. 

 I love that Nolan has some super sweet friends.  These boys are amazing.  They are kind and thoughtful.  And most of them are also VERY SPORTY. 
 I thought for sure they would want to spend every moment on the truck.  Well, about an hour into the party a group of about seven of them hopped off to play soccer in the yard.  Color me shocked that Nolan was one of the kids that chose an outdoor activity involving physical exertion over Minecraft. 
 I even got Allyn on the truck for a little bit.  But she was not loving the chaos that was sixteen boys...and two girls. 
There was pizza and Gatorade and cake and CHAOS.  But it was fun to have so many friends show up to celebrate with Nolan.  We are so fortunate to have made such amazing friends through school and soccer (and other sports too) and I'm looking forward for many more celebrations with this fun group.